Generate a WordPress post from a GPT-3 query

The following script can be used to automatically create a WordPress post with the result of a GPT-3 API query. This version of the script accepts a GPT-3 query and WordPress post title as input parameters.

To use this script, you will need to install the WordPress Python library and obtain an API key for the GPT-3 API.

# Import necessary libraries
from wordpress_xmlrpc import Client, WordPressPost
from wordpress_xmlrpc.methods.posts import GetPosts, NewPost

# Set WordPress site information
wp_client = Client('', 'USERNAME', 'PASSWORD')

# Set GPT-3 API key
gpt3_api_key = 'API_KEY'

# Prompt for GPT-3 query and post title input
query = input('Enter your GPT-3 query: ')
title = input('Enter the post title: ')

# Query GPT-3 API
gpt3_response = query_gpt3_api(gpt3_api_key, query)

# Create WordPress post object
post = WordPressPost()
post.title = title
post.content = gpt3_response
post.post_status = 'publish'

# Publish WordPress post

This script will prompt the user for a GPT-3 query and post title, query the GPT-3 API using the provided API key and query input, create a WordPress post object with the response as the content and the specified title, and then publish the post to the specified WordPress site. The post will be published immediately. You can modify the script to customize the post content and publishing status as needed.

GPT-3 query
Generate a python script to create a WordPress post from a GTP-3 query result. The script should accept as input the GTP-3 query and the WordPress post title.

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